8 Effective Tips To Create A Killer Explainer Video

8 Effective Tips To Create A Killer Explainer Video

23rd August 2017

An explainer video has the power to convey a story that is convincing and interesting. It speaks out about your business in somewhere about 60 to 180 seconds.It is a great way to engage potential customers and get them familiarized with your services. But it is not just about a good animation or proper illustration of materials, what matters most behind a successful explainer video is the script. A well written script is the foundation of a successful explainer video. Without the proper foundation(script), the video might not engage enough audience as you might want it to.


So to make sure that your script and animation is sufficient to draw your audience and get them keep coming back to know more, the first step is knowing what the major points are to make a successful jaw dropper explainer video. It then follows with the preparation of the script, understanding your audience, knowing how much is enough for the audience to look and come visit your webpage for more. The strategy differs from each business or service, but the following are the top points to make sure your video gets what you were aiming for.

Keeping the script to the point

The length of the script depends upon your advertised service and your audience. The script need to be short, informative and to the point. It shouldn’t be too short, and shouldn’t be too boringly long either. The script is often enough to keep the audience engaged even if the animation isn’t up to the mark, so the quality of the script is very important.

Keep it short

Usually internet audience cannot hold their patience for more than 2-3 minutes over a video, unless the video is compelling and interesting enough to make them go on longer. The relevancy of interest of the service or product for the audience also plays a key part in grabbing the attention of your audience. Less than 50% of the audience would go through the complete video, not only because the quality of the video wasn’t up to the mark, but maybe because it did not fall under their topics of interest.

Focus on your audience

The most important point in making explainer video is knowing and understanding your audience. It’s best to create something to help your audience instead of making a video to make sales. Because that way you get to connect to your audience in a way that they become customers later on. Try to sell something that your audience wants, not what you wish to promote for your company. Make it simple so that your viewers understand and get a clear idea about whatever you are advertising. If your video keeps talking about it’s service the whole time, your viewers might lose interest.


Highlight your message within the first 30 seconds

The best way to make sure you grab attention of the correct people is by relaying your motive of the video within the first 30 seconds of the video. I mean who would like to go through the trouble of watching a video of 2-3minutes just to know at the end that it was not of something of their interest? So make it as direct as possible, and clear out your motives or perception of the explainer video at the start.


Setting the right tone

Visualize your customers when you set the music for the video. It is very important that the music goes in contrast with both the animation and the service described in the video. Try cheerful, soothing and melodious tones. Tones are a vital part of the video in whole. Make sure the pace of the tone is on par with the animation, and the loudness does not cover up any voice that you might add in it.

Keep a steady pace with the voice over

Keep the dialogue between 120 to 150 words per minute. The narrator needs time in between to breathe and your viewers need time to absorb the information. Try not to rush with the content, go easy and slow, pace yourself with the animation in a way that your audience can understand and hear your words properly. Get professional voice over team in case you don’t have the right person for it. Don’t just follow the script, improvise and add during the voice over if you feel it necessary.


Be humorous, but do not make a joke of yourself

Humor is a great way to connect to your audience. Your humor basically acts as the bridge between the script and the animation. Don’t be too lousy or get over your limits. Your audience might not take the humor just as you did. Know when to laugh and when to not. Since your video is meant for people of all ages, make sure you research on trendy humorous topics before you decide to add one.

Be a story teller, not a sales person

The basic pattern of an explainer video has a problem, a solution, explanation of how the solution works, and propelling the viewers to get to know more of the advertiser. You can add some additional few seconds on how your company is better at what they are doing, or how they are different and better at solving the problem than the rest. But all of these must be portrayed in a way such that the viewer feels like the narrator himself had the same problem and managed to overcome it with the help of the advertiser. That way, they can relate their problem to that of the narrator and get a better understanding of the whole situation from a whole new dimension.

There are various other things to keep in mind while creating an explainer video. The tools of creating one are most likely free or available at a very negligible cost in the internet today. But the script has to come from you, and with the help from an experienced team who has previous successful records in creating lavish explainer videos, your business might just take a turn to seemingly wider profitability that is beyond your expectation.

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