7 Effective Ways To Promote Business Through Social Media

7 Effective Ways To Promote Business Through Social Media

25th August 2017

Social media is saturated with a ton of posts every day from different sources including posts of your friends like share, interact and so on. Although social media is considered to be an effective platform to promote business, however, companies mostly fail to figure out the right way to communicate with the target audience.

With times social networks are becoming the global native distribution channel to generate more attention towards content. To gain an edge over the competitors, companies need to have more reach of contents through interaction (likes, shares, comments, follows, join) of the target audience. To keep your social media marketing curve always booming, few tips are mentioned in further below-

1. Posts According to the Channels

Social media networks are designed with unique features to serve the certain purpose of the users. Users find it useful when you take time to prepare content in accordance with the demand of that specific platform. For illustration:

Facebook – Requires content that is both entertaining & informative and needs less time to get shared and thus, engage fast.
LinkedIn – Platform for professionals, therefore, business and career centric well-crafted contents are necessary to add value to the professional’s requirements.
Instagram – Place for photos. If you are able to create stunning visuals, then use it for Instagram with 30 hashtags for a single post. Instagram involves mass people engagement through hashtags.

2. Master Headlines

The reader’s engagement with the content relies on eye-stopping headlines more than anything within. A title that lacks haunting words is not worthy for the customers to spend any single minute of it. Two ways to follow here:

Create better titles – to grasp more attention from the customers
Create a new title – to share contents in social media

It’s always suggested to change headlines for the same content when it needs to share or promote in multiple social networks and observe what sort of headline is doing the best for diverse social networks.

3. Call to Action Button

Call to action button predominantly makes the user come closure to your purpose to be fulfilled. Design posts in a way so that the call to action button is flagrantly visible such as Sign Up, Learn More, Subscribe Now and so forth. Viewers are more observed to click on these buttons and can easily be tracked down through UTM parameters. As a result, you can develop a better understanding of “Type of Content” driving more viewers to your post and hence, put prompt effort to promote such posts.

4. Use of Hashtags

Hashtag is a vibrant source to augment reach of content. Regarding the use of it, always focus on industry centric hashtags to help reach the content among the relevant people. Emphasis on specific hashtags that people of that particular industry use in certain moments. In Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags for each post which is very effective and thus, results in more reach out.

5. Don’t Spray and Pray

It’s quite commonly observed that companies are consistent in developing and posting contents even then the expected rate of return is much less. The prime reason behind such case is not to have a proper understanding to share content on the right platform at the right time. Prior to creating any post, think of the platform and target audience you want to reach out. It’s not needed to share posts in multiple social networks rather a specific network that can generate good engagement. Furthermore, the time of posting is equally important to get a healthy reach. For illustration:

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Instagram
9AM, 1PM & 3PM 12PM , 3PM, 5PM & 6PM 7AM, 8AM, 12PM & 5PM 9AM ,11AM , 12PM & 1PM 2AM ,8AM, 9AM & 5PM

6. Paid Promotion

Paid promotion of your business/service through social media allows you to present your content to the exact relevant audience that would generate leads and hence, the scope of sales. The target audience will be able to see your content on their news feed for a certain number of days that you pay for. The process is way easier than mainstream marketing, not to mention, turns quite a good amount of leads into sales.

7. Community Engagement

There are millions of communities exist in different social networks. Only LinkedIn has more than two million communities to join in. Communities in other networks like Twitter Chats, Google+ Communities, Facebook Groups and so forth have created an interactive platform for business organizations. Joining and actively participating in such groups help you to promote your content and hence, get a good engagement.

These groups and communities have quite a good number of members that your content can potentially leverage.Growing business through social media is time efficient only when you get to realize the right strategies for it. Most companies fail to extract the true potentiality of social media due to lack of strategical approach. The practice of above mentioned 7 tactics will drive more traffic towards your content and in the same fashion, growth of the business.

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