6 Ways To Generate Leads On Social Media

6 Ways To Generate Leads On Social Media

28th March 2018

Before knowing the ways to generate leads, it’s vital to define leads. Leads refer to the group of people who are simply described as potential customers, have interest in your products and have given contact information so that you can follow-up. You pass on these leads to your sales department with the intention of making them turn into buyers. Now, the fact is why it is important to know the way of generating leads on social media. In one study, it has been found that 90% of the decision-makers do not respond to cold calls.


On the contrary, 76% of the buyers are willing to have a conversation on social media. In that case, not conveying necessary information of leads to your sales team is actually disserving your business. Companies with a tuned strategic plan for lead generation on social media put a greater impact on sales at the end. Considering the above facts regarding leads generation on social media, 6 important ways are being outlined in further below to help your company boosting sales through social media.


Create Gated Content

Gated content works best in 2 ways; drive traffic towards a good content and make traffic provide some basic information in exchange. Gated content is exactly as it sounds like. Contents remain hidden behind an online gate and if readers are interested in to go through the content they need to fill up a short form with some basic information for access. Promoting gated content more on social media augments leads generation. One of the most important features of Gated Content is to have quality content on a simple landing page.


Special Offers

People tend to be more interested towards a product when there is a special offer for them on social media. These types of content get a lot of shares on social channels, therefore, including an entry form would result in important leads data collection. To make your post get more reach, prepare a path at the end of the form for viewers to share your content through their numerous social platforms. In this fashion, viewers can spread your content on a continuous basis with their communities and hence, you’ll get a good amount of leads.



To run a contest, two major facts need to be taken into account before proceeding. To begin with, the contest should be designed in a way that makes people interested to participate in and it has to bring the utmost value for the selective people who have the highest probability to become your customer. Regarding the prize, you have to be strategic to find out the right potential customer for your company. In general scenario, people show their interest to participate in contests online regardless any interest in your company, product, and service.


A generalize valuable prize will bring you quite a good number of contact information but no potential leads. In order to address the potential leads, instead of giving away free iPhone as a prize to the winners, offer free service/products of your company with additional features so that the genuinely interested people towards your service will be attracted and that is the ultimate lead.


Paid Social Advertisement

Advertising on social networks has been an enormous way to promote business to the target audiences over the last couple of years. Social media paid advertisement works in favor of both the company and the audiences. When it is paid ad, the audiences are not swamped with promotional content rather to the relevant post/content that they would like to spend time on. Each social channel is designed with the distinctive demographic criterion that will direct your content to the exact target audience of your business. As a result, your content will add value to your audience and will make sure the investment is worthwhile.


Live Interaction

Live interaction with your followers is a time efficient process to generate good leads and on-spot sales. Such interaction allows explaining more about your products and services get direct queries and giving you the opportunity to answer them that shows your level of expertise. The benefits of live chat in order to increase leads are as follows:


(a)     Strengthening the bottommost line by engaging customers who are waiting for your answers on your site
(b)     A clear measurement of company performance in accordance with the customer’s expectation
(c)     Opportunity to mention the value-adding features of your products or services with live example
(d)     Sets the company over the competitive edge
(e)     Build close relationship with the customers

Add Call to Action

Don’t allow your followers to leave without putting any mark on your ad or post. Always add a call to action button to encourage your followers to take an action. For illustration, ask followers to watch a video, attend an online free training/seminar, download a book, signup for a freetrial and so on. It’s always beneficial for a company, who intends to generate leads from social media, to confirm that followers can see the ad and click on the call to action button to be more engaged.

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