6 Necessary Guide To Creating Effective Call To Action

6 Necessary Guide To Creating Effective Call To Action

27th September 2017

Now making sales is more efficient than ever before over a recent couple of years. Landing pages contribute to the companies to have greater conversions from leads. The nitty-gritty of a landing page is a Call to Action (CTA) button. A lucrative page with no call to action button means no conversion to sales. In this case, if you do not spend a quality time to develop your call to action button for your landing page, then you will end up with having a generic CTA that results in no conversion.

The important facts to look at whilst developing a CTA button for a landing page that is worth clicking are discussed hereunder.

1. Use First Person

The most powerful word in any copy is “You”. This word gives the reader a feeling of being directly spoken to. Therefore, when you develop content for your web page calling your reader “You” then use “Me” or “My” in CTA button. Hence, the entire content will make the readers consider your landing page more involving and increase the press on the CTA button.

2. Color selection

There is no specific rule to use certain color in your CTA button though Green and Red always gets the highest priority. The selection of color varies significantly from one landing page to another. One color could be more effective in one page and couldn’t be on another page which is pretty obvious.
The vital fact whilst choosing a color is whether the color makes the page stand out or not. For illustration, a page with complete blue impression can’t stand out with any percentage of blue CTA button otherwise the user will not be able to find them immediately. In essence, no color is recognized as best for CTA button. The best way is to try out different colors that catch the eyes on spot.

3. Result Concerned Text

This is a slight but most important feature to grasp attention of the users all of a sudden. In ordinary cases, you are habituated to see CTA text like “Download Annual Report”, “Download Report in Pdf”, “Buy Today”, “Free Trial” and so forth. These texts are not result-concerned. To drive the customer towards clicking the CTA button, you need to tell them the result that will happen after clicking the button. For illustration, it’s more effective to say “Give me a free lesson on generating leads” rather saying “Download eReport”. Such text allows users to be known with the result beforehand. In the same fashion, CTA texts like “Sign in”, “Buy”, “Click” and so on are less effective than texts like “Get”, “Have”, “Own” and likewise.

4. Integrate Strong Words

The purpose of integrating strong words into the text is on the basis of natural human nature which is greediness, laziness, and cheapness. When you are developing the text for CTA button think of your users and target audiences and their probable nature. For each of these natures, the words should be like followings-

1. Greediness: Words that upraise the status of the users.
    Words: Beautiful, Smarter, Attractive, Lovely, Healthier, Richer and so forth.
 Example: Contact us for a beautiful smile.
2. Cheapness: Words that show less or no cost involvement.
    Words: For free, Free of cost, Minimum cost, Get discount, Price cut etc.
 Example: Get this eBook for free.
3. Laziness: Words that need quick action for a result.
    Words: Fast, quick, soon, rapidly, now, speedy, swift and likewise.
 Example: Click now for a free eBook.

5. The Fold

Once the CTA button is ready with all the design, color, and a strong copy, then the next vital fact is the placement of the button. It’s pretty normal to think of placing the CTA button in a position where people can notice soon. It is being observed that having CTA button at the bottom converse the sales by 20% which is not always true. The fold refers to the interface that you can see before scrolling down to the page. In such case, it is not always effective to place the CTA button in the fold as long as the readers find your webpage interesting enough to go through. If your content is well-decorated in accordance with your target audience’s taste, then people will go through your page with interest and find the CTA button.

6. Appearance of Actual Button

The button shouldn’t be designed with a ton of elements and colors that take away its own purpose of identity. Sometimes webpages have a button that does not seem to be as a button but design. The button should be designed considering the following facts:

(a)     Button with a border around
(b)     Motion that makes the button ready to be pressed
(c)     Opportunity to mention the value-adding features of your products or services with live example
(d)     Use shades around the button box

The target audience of your product/service must recognize the button as a definite button in order to be clicked.

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