5 Ways How Your Business Can Benefit From An Explainer Video

5 Ways How Your Business Can Benefit From An Explainer Video

10th December 2017

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. An explainer video is a short video that businesses use to introduce themselves and their idea through an animated/sketched video. It is considered to be the most quick and memorable way to create an impact amongst your customers, and helps the viewers to get a proper understanding of the whole scenario in a fun, informative way. Conventional explainer videos are about 90 seconds long, which means the script consists something between 200 to 250 words. The focus of this limited content is to grab attention, bring forward a problem and it’s solution, explain the procedure of the troubleshooting and hope that the viewer would have atleast the basic idea of the service and at the same time feel the urge to visit the webpage of the organization to know more.

In the fast paced world of internet, business has to take necessary steps to ensure that they don’t fail in the market. With competitors introducing new strategies around every turn of business, it is difficult to attain your composure to your audience and maintain steady innovations for your customers at cost that don’t hurt your pocket. This is where an explainer video can come handy. It is cheap, effective, interesting, innovative and does it’s work in promoting your business aspects without any additional burden. New organizations are taking up explainer video making strategies to enhance their presence online and create a feasible yet strong bond in between them and their probable customers. Still not convinced? Take a look at the few advantages of introducing explainer video to your business

Increase conversion rates

According to surveys, 85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an explainer video tagged along to it. (Source: Video Rascal) This is a major turn over in the new business aspects of this century. The reason behind such high numbers in sales with an explainer video is because of it’s method to interact with the viewer and knowing how to pull them towards their service.

Increase web traffic

The purpose of majority explainer video is to bring more and more traffic to the organization website. This is also part of the strategy where the content of the video gives the viewer a summarized idea of the situation while pushing them to come and visit the webpage to learn more. While most other web traffic increasing strategies have tendency to focus only to bring potential customers, an explainer video brings audiences mostly because they felt connected to the idea even if they were not in need of it.

Improve rank in Google search

Websites filled with contents and complex writings tend to drive away visitors, because they don’t want to drown themselves in an ocean of information just to know about SEO or email marketing. Instead, they look for something short, interesting and informative, which the explainer video provides. According to Spork Marketing, websites that have videos get higher ranking in universal Google search. An average person requires less than a minute to decide to make a purchase, and the explainer video does the job in almost the same time span.

Writing the article

Once the research is done, the next step is writing the article. It is important to keep the article simple, relevant, plagiarism free and informative. Repeated use of common words must be avoided. Not everything that you have in mind must be put into your writing. Exaggeration of the topic might cause the reader dissatisfaction and loss of interest towards reading the article any further. Avoid using difficult words. Sit and draft your ideas so that the content is properly set at the end. Write a short introduction on your topic, then move on to the body discussing your objective, and finish off with a proper conclusion. Don’t forget to mention your sources of information if you quote.

Explainer video turn customers to promoters

Since explainer videos are short and simple, they can be shared over the internet very easily. If your customers like your product or service, they are very likely to share your video over social media and other blogs and forums. In such cases, your customers become your promoters, and any promotion is good for the business, keeping in mind that these promotions are highly likely to bring you more customers.

Best ROI for the business

Explainer videos can bring up your ROI in matter of moments. For instance, Dropbox spent $50K to tell their story through an explainer video, which landed them with 5 million new customer s and over $20 million in revenue in no short time.

These are some of the highlighted benefits that an explainer video can bring to your business. If set correctly, it can boost your sales and even mark your company to the list of one of the most profiled organization in the history of business. All you need is a creative script along with interesting animation to follow it and an idea that reaches your customer’s heart. With the right combination of both, you and your organization can reach an illustrious peak in your business field.

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