5 vital elements of sustainable online paid-media strategy

5 vital elements of sustainable online paid-media strategy

4th October 2017

Owned and earned marketing opportunities are the result of this new era in social media for the small businesses and entrepreneurs. This certain opportunity has become an important element of marketing strategy and more importantly, helping companies to reach out to a significant number of people through social networks. Promoting your product/service through owned and earned marketing opportunities potentially enhances the chance of building brand loyalty among the consumers. Even then, paid marketing strategy is proficient enough to damage your business if it’s left out.

The vital elements for sustainable online paid marketing strategies are discussed further below.


 Set Realistic Goals

When you decide to go for online paid media strategy, it is always obligatory to have an end goal. What you assume to obtain should be the first step in online paid media strategy. Since paid media anticipates cost promise, therefore, you need to chalk out the map of how this cost will pay off in the future for your company. Your goal should be lingering and also realistic & achievable. You should reassess your set goal from time to time to see if anything needs to be changed. In addition, to make your goal more concise and sales centric you need to have meetings with your sales and finance team on a routine basis to evaluate the progress and probable approaches.

Integrate Marketing Strategy with Paid Media

Your brand identity should be represented by your paid, owned and earned media altogether. Predominantly, paid and owned media should complement each other and that leads to earned media. For example, if you have created a blog content to drive more traffic to your company website, then promote the same content on social media to reach the maximum watches on it.

 Measure the Progress and Result

The core activity to ensure the best use of paid media is to quantify the result. There is no point of using paid media strategy if you do not calculate the amount you are spending, the return you are getting and the time it is taking. In addition, to go to the next level, you need to count how much revenue you are earning, how much traffic you are driving to your website and finally, the rate of sales conversion. Calculating the ROI is a simple attempt; get the amount you spend to obtain a customer and subtract that amount from the earning that you get from the customer’s lifetime which results in the marketing ROI.Maintaining this calculation on a routine basis will give you a proper understanding of effectiveness.

 Invest in Proper Keywords

The continuous search for the keywords is one of the best tactics to enhance strong paid media campaign. It defines more about the mindset of the user and develops an understanding of what components drive the user to search for a particular product or service. More importantly, it gives you information and insights on your competitors’ choice of keywords that set them ahead of user search. In addition, paid media strategy needs to have refined routinely as it requires a time investment.

 Conversion from Paid Clicks to Leads

This is a usual case to ignore emails from the user’s perspective. But even then, sending promotional emails with proper content to the right audience still work. Email companies started to separate the promotional emails to another folder which seems to have a negative impact on your effort. But such separation essentially helps you to be in the specific folder those users always keep and find you easily when necessary. Companies and brands can get leads through paid media which might not end up with a purchase initially but have those contacts engaged by promotional email marketing will actually convince them to get back and purchase.

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