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Here are examples of tasks you can dedicate your virtual full-time employee:
Data entry

Organizing your content is a crucial part of the business. By letting your employee handle your content updates gives you time to focus on company’s growth.

Market research

To identify and analyze the market is a key factor to stay competetive. Your employee can gather that information for you to secure your market position.

Lead generation

To find new customers is the very backbone for all B2B companies. We assist you to reinforce your company´s foundation and help you reach your goals.

Reports & Presentations

Preparing and summarizing reports is an essential task to measure your ROI. Let your offshore employee free your time so you can focus on analysis and strategies.

We help you find the right recruit for anything that can be done digitally. How would you want your offshore employee to spend their 160 hours per month?

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Helping Ants builds low-cost offshore teams for european companies

We handle your vital business processes so that you can focus on innovation
  • Lower your costs

    We help you achieve at least fifty percent (50%) cost reduction.

  • Save Time

    Optimize your resources. Have your team focus on what they are best at.

  • Full-time Dedication

    Your team members are fully dedicated to your company. We don’t share resources between clients.

  • Direct communication

    You have direct communication with your team members on the platforms you prefer. We help you set it up.


Before you have your own low-cost offshore team
Step 1: Specifications
The first step is to identify who we need to look for. What kind of work will they do? Which programs will the candidate work with? What level of experience is necessary?
Step 2 : The search
Our recruiting specialist starts the process to find the right individual. This includes conducting all applications, interviewing the candidates and testing their skills.
Step 3: Evaluate & Approve
Third step is to monitor the progress of your employee and evaluate them to make sure that they fulfill your requirements with the given tasks.
Step 4: Expand
When in the future you are ready to expand, we will recruit and place your employees next to each other for maximum collaboration.

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